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This is a survey designed to gather information from genderqueer / non-binary identified individuals concerning health care received related to gender identity including (but not limited to): consulting an individual psychotherapist (practitioner’s office, school campus consultation), group therapy, support groups, and/or going to see a medical doctor (hormones, surgery).

If you have not sought out psychological or medical care for genderqueer-related concerns, but wish to give your input as to why, you may participate as well (click through for details) Only a few basic identity questions are required, while the remaining fields can be filled in or left blank as you like, such as if you are not comfortable answering the question or it doesn’t apply to you. Please do remember that the more data collected, the better and more beneficial the completed Genderqueer Health: Mind and Body project will be. If a response you’ve submitted is cited in my project, attribution will be given to a pseudonym rather than your name. A check box will be provided at the end of the survey to ensure that you are giving permission for your words to be cited (with anonymous attribution). Thank you for your time.

Survey designed by Marilyn Roxie, LGBT Studies student. Final project will be shared at in late 2011 / early 2012. View project outline here:

Thanks everyone so much for filling this out and reblogging - so far, there are 100+ responses! I know how difficult it can be to recount both the positive and negative experiences since the intersection of health and our identities can be powerfully charged, so this really does mean a lot to me. The survey will close on October 15, 2011, so make sure you fill it out before then if you were planning to!

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    The survey will close on October 15, 2011 at 12:00 AM PST, so there’s still time to fill it out for anyone who wants to....
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    So I try to keep my identity shit off of this blog but this looks useful.
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    Check it out.