Identity symbols by Damien Marie AtHope

I received a message from Damien Marie AtHope recently about their design of these identity symbols. I am always interested to see development of symbology pertaining to gender and sex identity. I had remarked that the genderqueer symbol here shows the male and female symbols together (albeit in a different way than variations of a merger, like the transgender symbol), when androgyny is but one meaning of genderqueer and the term can refer to neutral or outside of man/male and woman/female too - AtHope then designed some more identity symbols with further specificity. There are further variations available as well that I will post in the future.

As always, I am interested to see everyone’s ideas for symbols and colors to represent identity - I think that finding a powerful representation of a group or oneself can be a very powerful thing, so please feel free to submit any designs or ideas!

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    I’ve also seen gender neutral symbolized as a purple circle.
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