"hi marilyn! i'm a young (<18) non-binary person, and while i have lots of information thanks to the work of folks like you, i've noticed that many lgbt websites that provide resources for youth have little to no information on non-binary/genderqueer identities. many do not mention them at all. i feel it's important for teens who may be questioning their gender identities to receive this kind of information. do you know what i can do to get websites to provide accurate information on this?" by Anonymous

Hello there,

I definitely wish there were more organizations and sites out there geared towards youth that had info on non-binary and genderqueer identities! Here are some of my favorite resources I have found so far on this topic, most USA-based as that is where I am located and what I am most familiar with:

Amplify Your Voice (USA): More activism-oriented and including a number of genderqueer blog pieces by youth. Connected with Advocates for Youth which includes a FAQ about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and, though not genderqueer-specific, a great section covering Youth Activism.

Gay-Straight Alliance: Beyond the BInary - GSA’s Beyond the BInary campaign which “focuses on making your school safe for transgender and gender non-conforming youth”. The materials here include information geared toward youth around the campaign and the “tool kit” .pdf includes definitions of terms and confronts myths about trans* people.

Gender Questioning Booklet - introductory guide to gender concepts aimed at ages 16 to 25. Although the resources listed at the end are centered around Australia, the informative content is not, so this is very useful generally!

Gender Spectrum - USA-based, “Gender Spectrum provides education, training and support to help create a gender sensitive and inclusive environment for all children and teens.” Their materials have mentioned genderqueer identity in the past and their resources are very clear for introductory information.

Scarleteen - Scarleteen maintains a comprehensive website dedicated to answering questions about sexuality geared toward teens and young adults. There is a genderqueer article tag and Gender Issues forum (where gender questions can be asked that result in friendly and helpful responses!). Genderqueer is included in their glossary.

The Trevor Project - Although known as a suicide hotline, the Trevor Project is also great with handling questions from youth via text. They have a category for transgender and genderqueer questions.

YGender (also on Tumblr) - “The aim of Ygender is to improve young people of all gender identities’ health and wellbeing by fostering a supportive environment where Sex & Gender Diverse young people can gather for social events and meetings to participate in empowering projects.”

If anyone knows of more youth resources that are genderqueer and/or non-binary specific (especially if outside the US because I’d really like to know about more), do let me know! Finding resources using the term “non-binary” is challenging as well since this term has gained currency more recently than the term “genderqueer”, so resources about non-binary gender identities geared towards youth would also be helpful if anyone knows of them.

Hope this is helpful to you!


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