The Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco is now accepting donations for the Grace Alley Mural Project on Offbeatr! Pledging $ leads to fabulous rewards. CSC is looking to raise $2000 by our deadline, December 23rd:

If this project interests you, please donate (registration is quick and easy), or pass it on! Must be 18 or older to visit above site.

Photo credit: Library Vixen

About the project:

The Center for Sex & Culture is in the process of conceptualizing and creating a public art project, the Grace Alley Mural Project, to be featured on the exterior of the Center for Sex & Culture building on the wall at Grace Alley.  We have a team of our very own notorious and not so notorious muralists prepared to collaborate on this Mural, a highlight of San Francisco’s sexual history and culture.  Our group of talented artists includes Eddie CollaFinley CoylAmandalynnJeremy Novy and Éclair Acuda Bandersnatch.  Their work on Grace Alley will pay homage to our city’s past sexual renegades, founders, activists and healers.

The Mural location is in an area of San Francisco that is a mix of nightlife, non-profits, neighborhood residential and mixed commerce — but it’s also an area in need of beautification to our Public Spaces.  It will emphasize the good work of non-profit organizations centered around sex, enhance the good work we are doing here and let the surrounding community know we are an organization that plans to stay and grow in this neighborhood.  Furthermore, the Mural will be a celebration of sexual knowledge and a piece of the open dialogues San Francisco have begun to speak with the world about.

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