Transgender Awareness Day is here! November 15th will be a day filled with activity at City College of San Francisco. Our theme is Transforming City College! Join us! Everyone is welcome. Students/non-students/perspective students everyone is invited. 

10-12am in the Student Union: In the morning we will open quietly with Transgender Day of Rememberance Alters to memorialize those who were killed due to anti-transgender hatred or prejudice. . We will have alters made as well as material for participants to add to existing alters or make their own. There will also be a letter writing station to write letters to Cece McDonald. 

12:30-1pm in Rosemburg Library room 304: A panel highlighting Trans History through time. Presenting the work done on City College Campus and beyond by the Gender Diversity Project. Speakers will be talking about their experiences at City College and their visions for City College being gender inclusive/ a safe place for trans students in the future and what they are doing now to make that happen. Followed by a discussion with the audience on how to transform City College.

Our transition to the next event will be a Trans March around the City College loop! Let’s show everyone that this is our school too and we are here and won’t be shamed or ignored!

2-4pm closing the day up with a Clothing Swap/Fashion Show/(Dance) Party at the Queer Resource Center!!

Bring clothes you are done with so someone else can love them and find some new clothes for you too! From 2-4 there will be a DJ, free food, clothing swap, make-up booth, photo booth and fashion show! Come for the clothes stay to meet and hang out with other transgender folk!

*Call out for more clothes! All sizes/genders*

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