So Dr. Steinwald has a new site, with really detailed information about himself, the procedure, pre- and post- op instructions, logistics, cost, etc.

For those of you looking for a surgeon who does not require a letter of referral, being on T, or even being male-identified, his new site clearly outlines this:

Do I have to have a letter from a counselor before FTM surgery?

Generally we strongly prefer that patients have undergone some sort of formal counseling by a trained professional before deciding to have the relatively irreversible surgery of chest masculinization performed, but it is not required, provided that the patient is of the age of consent and demonstrates and obvious commitment to undergoing a physical transformation. It is encouraging to us if the patient has felt a sense of “gender dysphoria” for at least a year, and better yet, has been “identifying male” for at least that long, with lifestyle changes such as binding, the use of testosterone injections, etc. We do recognize that some patients wish to be considered “gender neutral” or “FTN”, however (even wishing to have their nipples removed), in which case testosterone, etc. is not expected.

As long as the patient is alert, appropriate, “committed to the cause” and recognizes the irreversibility of our Chicago Top Surgery procedure, we are agreeable to a formal consultation and more often than not, proceeding with surgery.

Steinwald’s technique is a little different than most, as he uses the t-anchor method to avoid a nipple graft and preserve nipple sensation, as well as leaving in 10-20% of the tissue for contouring. You can also get a consultation a few days before the surgery to avoid flying in twice if you live far away.  And they provide the legal gender marker letter in whatever state “legalese” you require it (as I needed for California).

Obviously I’m extremely happy not just with my surgery results, but with the overall experience I had with this doctor, who honored my request for surgery even though I had no referral letter, was not in therapy, was not male-identified, had no intentions of going on T at the time. 

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