Reflections on The Outliers Project…

Yesterday, I met up with Elle Perez, who is putting together the Outliers Project, in Golden Gate Park for a photo and interview session with me. From the page:

Very few images of genderqueer people exist in contemporary photographic media or other visual story telling methods. In searching for my own identity, I found reading the stories and seeing the faces of others who were like me to be extremely important in my own self-identification and maturing process. Frustrated by the lack of genderqueer representation in media, I am traveling the country to photograph and record the stories of those who live outside the binary.

When I found out about this, I definitely wanted to get involved! We had a great conversation / interview (definitely more of a conversation!), including…

  • the problems with people within and without the queer community policing other peoples’ body and clothing choices
  • my experience of living in a small town versus being in the city as a non-binary person
  • how presentation means different things to different people
  • some of the projects and places in SF that are queer-positive (such as the Center for Sex & Culture, Mission Control, [SSEX BBOX])
  • what I’m doing in college that relates to queer studies and potential career paths (for me at the moment, I’m looking to combine a sociological and LGBT studies interest with sexological study - society and science need to meet up more often!)

Elle is totally cool - definitely stay tuned for what happens with the Outliers Project!

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