Followers of Genderqueer Identities may recall a couple of posts related to [SSEX BBOX] in the past, such as Kelly Lovemonster’s video about being genderqueer; I’d like to take the time now to provide some more information about this fabulous film and magazine project from Their newly launched IndieGogo project page ([SSEX BBOX] is looking to raise $5,000 in 80 days to complete their project, donations can be made starting at as little as $1 to go directly towards funding the project; I chipped in $10 via PayPal). Here’s the background info:

[SSEX BBOX] is a social justice film project that aspires to create awareness and accessibility around sexuality issues worldwide. The web series is based in San Francisco, São Paulo, Berlin and Barcelona, and uses film to explore Sex outside the Box. Film crews in the four cities interview sex educators and regular people about topics such as gender, sexual orientation, sex work, polyamory, relationship skills, and much more!

Everyone is dying to know, “What’s inside the [SSEX BBOX]?” The [SSEX BBOX] holds the questions you are afraid to ask about GENDER, SEXUALITY, and RELATIONSHIPS! Let us introduce you to the queer artists, sexperts and exceptional human beings who are defining the answers. These individuals are leading the queer revolution, making sex fun, sexuality accessible, and gender even more complicated!

[SSEX BBOX] exposes our commonalities and our uniqueness when it comes to gender and sexuality. We believe that sex should be discussed more. Explored more. Felt more. [SSEX BBOX] will help make this happen. Forget your fears and enjoy your passions! Let’s break the barriers of conversation. Let’s talk about condoms, gender versus sexuality, quality lube, anal sex, and more. Let’s participate in forming a cohesive vision of healthy sexuality by creating space for the dissemination of honest, inclusive information…

[SSEX BBOX] is the first documentary web series exploring sexuality as a way to create social change. Presented in bi-weekly ten-minute episodes, the fifteen episode web series will air online in January 2012.

Definitely check out the official site and follow along on Tumblr, Youtube, or Twitter. Even $1 towards the project would be much appreciated and would help this project along greatly. The emphasis on sharing experiences and information around gender, sex, and sexuality is why I got involved. I can’t wait to see the next magazine issue and completed web series!

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